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Sewage Cleanup

Your Sewage Cleanup Specialists in South Orange County

sewage cleanup south orange countyWhen there’s a sewage spill, no one is happy. Spills can occur inside the home or office, within the yard, or over a larger area. Not only is the foul odor gut wrenching but a sewage spill can also lead to a host of health problems. Not only that, but the longer the spill remains, the less popular your become with your neighbors. Oso Emergency Services specializes in home and office sewage spills and are available 24/7.

What can trigger a sewage spill?

Depending on the location of the spill, a number of triggers could be responsible. If a lot of paper or waste has been flushed, a clog may occur anywhere along the sewage line leading from your residential or commercial property. Grease and oil poured into the sink can also create a clog as it solidifies and builds up within the pipes. In addition, roots from trees and bushes can pierce or compromise pipes, causing a sewage spill. Anything that hinders the flow of sewage can potentially cause the pipes to back-up and eventually break, burst, or leak.

What are the dangers of a sewage spill?

Other than the smell? Microbes and bacteria are released in the case of a sewage spill. Contact with the spill, or if it seeps into the water supply, can cause a number of ailments. E. coli, hepatitis, and tetanus are among the health risks from an ongoing sewage spill. The spread of viruses and parasites can easily occur when a sewage line breaks.

Mold is another danger of a spill. With the biological material of the sewage, the moisture, warmth, and often dark environment, a sewage spill is the perfect breeding ground for a mold infestation.

What are my options for sewage cleanup?

Because of the nature of sewage, sewage cleanup of such a spill should only be done by a company with knowledge of the system and training in the sewage cleanup techniques. Oso Emergency Services can find the source of the spill, restore and strengthen the line, cleanup the mess and area, and eliminate the smell. For smaller leaks, a less invasive procedure may be all that is necessary. The trigger of the spill is removed, the spill is cleaned, and the area is disinfected so that any health risks are removed.

Larger spills often require more intensive work. In this case, Oso Emergency Services will perform a complete restoration and repair of the system. The pipes will be inspected to determine which need to be repaired or replaced. The area will also be sanitized to eliminate any contaminants.

If you are in or around the South Orange County area in Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, or Irvine, CA. and your home or office has experienced a sewage spill, then contact Oso Emergency Services right away. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle the spill on your residential or commercial property. We have the advanced training and state of the art equipment to cleanup the spill quickly, efficiently, and safely. And we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.