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Testimonials by OSO Customers in South Orange County, CA

Emergency Solutions Testimonials South Orange CountyCheck out just a few of our testimonials from more than satisfied customers that have taken the time to submit comments about their experience with us.

As an owner operator of a small plumbing company, my reputation is the most important thing to me. Any one I recommend needs to care about the about the customer as much as I do. That is why I only refer OSO Emergency Solutions to my customers. In an industry with so much deception, it’s great to have faith in a restoration company with the integrity to be honest and upfront with my customers. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

David T, Santa Ana, CA

The crew from OSO Emergency Solutions came out to check my house for some water damage I thought I might have after I discovered a roof leak. They arrived to my house and were able to determine that my house did not suffer from any mold or other water related issues. I was worried they were going to try to scare me into some unnecessary work but they did the exact opposite and put my mind at ease. They were very kind and professional and I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

Phil P, Placentia, CA

OSO Emergency Solutions is awesome. I had a slab leak, which made a total mess of my house. The plumbers called OSO. They were out at my house right away. They worked hard to get my walls and floors dried out. They came back out at least 2 or 3 days to check the progress and see how it was going. Chad and the gang were awesome, I would use them again in a heartbeat. GREAT JOB GUYS!

Debbie F, Orange, CA

I had a slab leak from a pipe that burst underneath my floor in my house. Called this company up from a referral from a good friend of mine that just so happened to be using them at the time. The techs came to my house in less than an hour and from the start seemed very honest and were not trying to up sell me or tell my wife and I we had to do things that were not 100% necessary in order to fully restore our home from the water damage. We even asked if certain things had to be removed and they advised they could work around it so we could save money and not even have to go through our insurance which had a relatively high deductible. They seem to be the opposite of all of the other restoration companies that I have dealt with like Servpro and other companies that have tried to over charge me in the past. I would call them again for sure, everything is back to normal and I have to say it was relatively painless and a pleasure to deal with them. One of the owners named Will came out with his crew.

John Z, San Diego, CA

OSO Emergency Solutions… A new and great addition to our area… I had a water pipe failure inside a wall between our 2 bathrooms just days before Christmas, causing a big flood!! At 10 pm, Chad, Kevin and the crew came out right after I called them – came recommended by my plumber. They were here into the night getting the process started to fix our bathrooms.

They’ve worked wonderfully – fixing, clearing, drying and MAKING SURE THAT I WAS HAPPY & UNDERSTOOD WITH WHAT THEY WERE DOING! They used a natural thyme/oregano oil based solution/spray to deal with any possible growth which I appreciated b/c of chemical sensitivity problems. Chad was also diligent in putting in containment barriers so that any fumes/dust/chemical/attic stuff was kept safely away from my family – so important with a baby in our home! Even helped me go thru my insurance to get necessary hotel accommodations.

Chad was so on top of things and always answered his phone whenever I had a concern 24/7! He was instrumental in dealing with my insurance, even personally meeting with the adjustor & helpful with recommendations for a few contracting companies who would deal fairly and promptly with me. He got me on the company’s schedule that I chose in a day – a serious MIRACLE!

Aaron, the owner visited & Chad, Eddie, Brandon and Kevin were over here almost daily busy and helping get our home livable ASAP. They seem to really know their stuff, are friendly pleasant, professional, very kind/sensitive during our stressful challenge thru the holidays with prompt on time service and customer service has been paramount in their approach… just like it should be! Thanks guys… wouldn’t have gone as well without your help.

S. S., San Clemente, CA

I needed a company to clean my house and dry it when my hose to the toilet broke or failed! Chad, Kevin, and Brandon showed up at 2 AM to help me. The guys started my insurance claim and were so helpful through the whole process! Amen to OSO Emergency Solutions! Hope this helps anyone out there.

Anthony K, Trabuco Canyon, CA